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Thoughts for 2018

After a long and successful six months working full time at The Boston Globe, I have time to rest at home and finally update this site. I have some goals and ideas for 2018, including a lot of ways to better myself. I spent more than half of 2017 a bit lost in the wilderness, but the stability of a full-time job helped me to center myself (as did a new boyfriend, although the job came first and foremost). I think I’m very settled and prepared for the coming year; I’ll be returning to classes in about two weeks ready to learn and immerse myself in a challenging new minor. I hope to find more time to eat healthier and exercise, in order to finally maintain a healthy relationship with my body. Of course, “eating healthier” will just mean ordering wings less often and trying to have more nutritious breakfasts, but the real meat of the concept here is the intention behind it.  I hope to do at least a small workout every day in order to help strengthen my muscles (not to lose weight, because a focus on the numbers isn’t healthy for me). Most importantly, I plan on setting up therapy appointments in the coming weeks and months to deal with an extremely unhealthy relationship I experienced in high school and the beginning of college. I really hope that by talking to a professional I’ll be able to understand exactly what I went through and the ways that my past could be affecting my current relationships with myself and with others.

There are a bunch of positive things that happened for me in 2017, so I’m going to list them here as well as a list of goals I’d like to accomplish for 2018. I’m going to use this platform more often in order to maintain a sort of accountability to myself, because I think I’m in a good place to make some real change in my life right now.


2017: The Good and the Great (in chronological order)

  • being rid of a toxic relationship that wasn’t right for me in so many ways
  • maintaining friendships through a busy class schedule
  • working on psycho-linguistic research as a research assistant
  • making the Dean’s list for the first time in 3 years of college after a LOT of hard work and library hours
  • my mom’s graduation with her Master’s degree
  • my dad’s ordination as a pastor after 11 years of a career in the making
  • a road trip with my mom all the way to South Carolina, a journey filled with friends and family and new sights
  • a wonderful job at The Boston Globe where I learned more than I could have imagined
  • surprising my mom on vacation in Monhegan, Maine when she didn’t think I could make it thanks to the aforementioned job


  • spending my 22nd birthday will all my most favorite people after getting the best haircut of my life
  • taking an impromptu trip up to Old Orchard Beach, Maine with the new man to get away from the city and spend some time to ourselves with some card games and the ocean
  • another trip out to California, my first time ever!img_4415
  • I got two days of Thanksgiving with my family and my boyfriend’s, with delicious food and lovely conversation
  • Two days of Christmas with my loved ones
  • working on my second blog with my boyfriend, where we review alcohol and breweries/distilleries etc.

Things to Accomplish this year:

  • therapy sessions to better my mental health
  • reach a happy medium between my love of Wings Over Boston and taking care of my body (aka exercising at least 2-3 times a week)
  • make the Dean’s list again!
  • find one last co-op internship that will round out my college experience
  • apply to graduate in spring of 2019
  • maintain friendships and make new ones

I’m very excited to go into next year in a good place, with friends and family and love by my side. I’m hoping that I’ll post more here as I find myself with more free time.

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30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 20

I’m officially 2/3 through this challenge! Tonight’s post is to talk about 3 celebrity crushes… I think it’ll be easier if I just name them, they should speak for themselves? I’m not a huge celebrity-crush person, honestly. I prefer to crush on real people, and then down to one person, who is my boyfriend. It’s easier that way.

  1. Justin Trudeau. I mean. French? Canadian? Nice? Looks good in a tie? Great socks? A+
  2. Rihanna. I think that speaks for itself. She’s so amazing and so attractive and such a good businesswoman. Everything.
  3. I mean, my boyfriend. He isn’t a celebrity (not yet) but there aren’t any other celebrities that I could say I’m crushing on. He’s very important to me and very cute so I think that counts.
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30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 19

Getting in under the wire here but hey it’s day 19!

Today’s prompt is to talk about my first love.

Well. My first true love was Tom, the guy with bright blue eyes who worked behind the seafood counter at my local supermarket. I thought he hung the moon, I thought he was aaaaaaaall that. I should probably mention that at the time I was feeling these feelings, I was between the ages of 2 and 5. But honestly. Those eyes.

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30 Day Writing Challenge: Days 16, 17, 18

Ahhhh I messed up and didn’t post the last couple days because of the Super Bowl and a bout of insomnia that kept me up cleaning my apartment till 4am last night. In lieu of that, here’s tonight’s post as well as Sunday’s and Monday’s!

  • Day 16 (Sunday)’s post is something that I miss.

I miss my island in Maine. Every summer we go to a small island in the south of Maine, 10 miles off the coast. It’s beautiful, quiet, lazy, and a land of no responsibilities. It’s the featured image for this post because I can’t wait to get back there, hopefully in June.

  • Day 17 (Monday)’s post is a description of my zodiac sign and whether it fits me.

I’m a Libra and have a tattoo of the constellation on my arm, and both my parents are Libra’s, so I’d hope it fits me. Libras are supposed to be fair, gracious, and social. I’m not sure how well this fits me, I’m not much of a social butterfly. I think I can be fair and gracious (for whatever gracious means in the 21st century) when I want to be.

  • Day 18 (today)’s post is to put 30 facts about myself… that’s a lot of effort, but that’s what I get for leaving this to the last minute.
  1. I’m an only child
  2. First chapter book I read was “The Hobbit”
  3. We try to always have at least 2 cats at my house at all times
  4. I’m in college for linguistics
  5. I have 6 piercings (for now)
  6. I have 6 tattoos (for now, sorry parents)
  7. I’m related tangentially to Ralph Waldo Emerson
  8. I have a minor in law & public policy
  9. I’m pretty decent at playing pool
  10. I knit a lot, I’m currently working on a blanket and a sweater simultaneously
  11. I prefer cider over beer
  12. “The West Wing” is my favorite TV show
  13. I listen to “Hoodie Allen Radio” on Spotify all the time
  14. Even though I listen to Hoodie Allen, my favorite studying (read: cramming) playlist is the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack
  15. I love older movies and musicals
  16. My hair hasn’t been entirely my natural color since freshman year of high school (about 7 years)
  17. I can’t do a good Boston accent even though that’s where I live
  18. I love to swim
  19. I hate exercising
  20. I used to have a very unhealthy relationship with food/my body due to external stress
  21. I’m better now
  22. I have maybe 50-60 lipsticks in my room. Maybe more?
  23. I have a pretty solid bullet journal going right now that I’d like to post here sometime
  24. I’m 22 years old
  25. I share my birthday with Bruce Springsteen and Augustus Caesar
  26. I love playing bar trivia
  27. I’m a hard-core feminist (if it’s not intersectional, it doesn’t count)
  28. I’d like to own an Australian Shepherd at some point soon
  29. I want to better society from a legal standpoint, as my career
  30. I can quote “The Road to El Dorado” from memory

Thanks for reading all of this!

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30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 15

I’m halfway through this challenge! Today’s prompt is really easy: “bullet-point your whole day.”

Well, today I did almost nothing so here goes.

  • Woke up at 10am (no alarm anxiety because there was no alarm!)
  • Put laundry in washing machine, which takes half an hour
  • Did an ab workout, talked to my mom
  • Put my laundry in the dryer, which takes an hour
  • Got dressed, went for a walk to Dunkin’ Donuts and Au Bon Pain to get my coffee and breakfast
  • Came back to eat while my laundry dried
  • Got my laundry, folded it and put it away
  • Cleaned off all the stuff that’s accumulated on The Chair in my room
  • Hung out and listened to My Favorite Murder (per usual)
  • Decided I was antsy and wanted to dye my hair, so I did that
  • Showered my hair dye out and put some good product in my hair (curly hair is such a hassle sometimes)
  • Decided to go to Target, which is a 15-20 minute walk in the bitter cold
  • Shopped at Target and only bought what I needed!
  • Went home and was starving, ordered wings for pick-up
  • Got my wings and went straight home to devour them
  • Finished writing a paper
  • Wrote this blog post
  • Talked to my boyfriend and my mom, separately
  • Off to sleep after I finish posting this!

It was a super lazy day, which is fine. The days before and after Super Bowl Sunday should be days of rest.

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30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 14

Happy weekend! Tonight I watched one of the most stressful college hockey games I’ve ever been to, so I’m emotionally exhausted. Tonight’s post is to post about my favorite movies I could watch forever.

  • Shawshank Redemption. Just go see it.
  • Pocahontas/Mulan. My favorite classic Disney movies, I love them endlessly.
  • Road to El Dorado. See above, but for Dreamworks. Also Elton John.
  • Titanic. I really watch it for the music and the dying, not the love story.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean. 1-3.
  • Lord of the Rings. Not “The Hobbit”, don’t talk to me about those.

There are probably more, so maybe I’ll update this. I like a lot of classic movies, but I can’t think of all of them right now.

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30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 13

Today’s lucky day 13! I had only one class today so I had more time to procrastinate cleaning my room and doing adult things.

Today’s prompt is to write about something I’m excited for.

Honestly, I’m very excited to go on a vacation. But more than that, I’m ready to find my next internship opportunity and figure out what’s really important to me in the last year-and-a-half of my five-year bachelor’s degree. I think I’m going to try to look for grad schools soon, and as a backup plan I’m going to find an internship at an employer where I would like to work after graduation. It’s been 3.5-4 years of college so far, so I’m very excited to take all I’ve learned and turn it into interesting employment opportunities for me in the next year or so!

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30 Day Challenge: Day 12

Once again, we’re halfway through the week. My classes for the semester are ramping up but I’m still keeping up with this challenge! The posts might end up later at night now but I’m going to keep putting them up.

Today’s challenge is to list five blessings in my life. Not the biggest fan of the idea of “blessings”, but that’s not my prerogative.

  1. I’m very lucky to be getting a world-class education at the only college I really wanted to attend
  2. I have good friends (disregarding yesterday’s post) that aren’t afraid to tell me when I’m going too far or need to come to my senses
  3. The My Favorite Murder podcast is honestly a blessing, even though it makes me paranoid that my door isn’t locked. More badass ladies, go check them out!
  4. I have wonderful parents who’ve taught me how to be my own woman and not take anyone’s crap. I’ve also learned how to properly load a dishwasher, make a fire in a stove, and fold a fitted sheet.
  5. I’m in the best relationship of my life right now, where I’m supported and loved and pushed to be an even better version of myself, and I feel truly lucky for that.

Thanks for reading!